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The birth of Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa was born March 24, 2000 in Mendrisio, Switzerland.
The idea was conceived after years of research in art, philosophy and science conducted by the founders with relentless passion and dedication.
Be to reconcile the personal tensions spiritual and material needs has become imperative for concrete construction: Sub Rosa unites and thus feeds the works in a separate intentional symphony for the world and mankind.
Highest notation of facts and events memorable and affectionate as bold movement towards the Other are the two dimensions of Sub Rosa company mutilation horizontal and vertical processing.

Sator Sub Rosa, established by deed, is the axis of the earth whose
horizons figure finalist has the following postulates:

  1. it is common and fatal state of inner suffering and economic;
  2. is always possible to identify the remedy for afflictions;
  3. is a result of the concerted action plan of immediate relief;
  4. is inevitable realization of the conditions of inner stability and economic suffering for each person;
  5. are necessary for the adoption of Art, Science and Philosophy as instruments of aid and growth.

Sub Rosa is the determination of all the vertical aspirations transcendent and phenomenal, that represents the apex of the confluence of personal works and cultural projection.
Nothing restricts the Sub Rosa unique characteristics of each artist, philosopher, scientist.
Join the movement involves only the desire and ability to act within the unexplored regions, areas of penumbra, or primordial, or future, or even the common feeling enchanted.
Joining the Movement provides  invisible and luminous bournes The reduction of variance in each contingency that the human phenomenon is especially unique consciousness is the friendly opening of Sub Rosa.
The tragic fate of the spiritual forms in conflict firstly with the spirit and further with matter is the fundamental challenge of the Movement.
Tightening of metaphysical essences to life, puts the movement in the infinite condition of persuasion and
Prosperity technological Sub Rosa responds with a new science.
Sense, nonsense and destiny are her dies, boldness and purity means, beauty and grace forms.
New science of looking great: term and origin of man, of every man, every twig, flower, fruit, of every egg, every lap of every stone.

Search Types

  • Cognitive research: Philosophy, Logic, Mathematics, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Poetry, Prose, Philosophy hermetic.
  • Operations research: Biophysical Science of the extremes, Biophysical Science of singularities, Science equity
  • Research Project: Scientific Institute of Inhumanity: Ornago, otherwise known as 'Castle of Search', because it is not yet human life here and now.